The Italo-Argentine Center for Advanced Studies was created

With the aim of further strengthening the ties between Argentina and Italy, the Italo-Argentine Center will aim mainly at a wide range of cultural activities and initiatives, in the context of the traditional collaboration between the two countries.

The Italo-Argentine Center for Advanced Studies was created This agreement strengthens and deepens the close ties that historically unite Argentina with Italy. For Chancellor Barbieri this agreement gives a legal framework to the work of many years, the Italo-Argentine Center strengthens the close relations with Italy. Additionally,  Dr. Teresa Castaldo stated that the creation of this center will favor training and joint work for the benefit of our countries.
The main objectives of the new Center are the realization of common scientific research projects linked to the development of common postgraduate courses; the assistance of the University of Buenos Aires in the management of the collaboration with Universities of Italy; the articulation of scientific activities with other operators and the promotion of an interdisciplinary and transversal thematic area that encourages cooperation for a comprehensive understanding of the challenges our societies face. Objectives that will be carried out through five areas: teaching, debate and dissemination of knowledge; student orientation and training; scientific and technological research; transfer of knowledge to society.